Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series: Insemination Procedures
Year of Publication: 2009
Format: Brochure/Pamphlet
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Language: English
Bisexual health, Insemination, Lesbian health, Parenting/family issues, Reproductive Technology, Sperm Donors
This brochure in the Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series outlines procedures for home and clinic insemination. For home insemination includes instructions for donors and instructions for the person being inseminated. For clinic insemination includes intracervical and intrauterine insemination procedures. Also discusses entering the medical world of fertility/infertility and dealing with the emotional issues of pre-conception. Includes a list of sperm banks, fertility clinics, and LGBTQ parenting resources.

Queer Parenting Info Brochure Series, developed collaboratively by Sherbourne Health Centre, The 519 Community Centre, Family Service Toronto and Rainbow Health Ontario.
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